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How To Craft the Mace Weapon in Minecraft 1.21?

The Mace Weapon in the new 1.21 Tricky Trials update is the strongest weapon you can obtain. With this weapon, you're able to one-shot kill any mob (if you're high enough)! Isn't that insane?

What do I need to craft this?

  • 1x Heavy Core

  • 1x Breeze Rod

In this blog post we'll show you step-by-step on how to obtain these items to craft your very own Mace Weapon.

Step 1: Prepare yourself

Obviously, grap some weapons and armor to be prepared for a fight in the Trial Chamber. We are also going to need the Ominous Bottles. These can be dropped by raid captains or find them inside the trial chambers, by opening a vault (18.6% drop chance) with the trial key.

A picture showcasing the trial chambers.

Step 2: Visit the Trial Chamber

These chambers are randomly generated underground (usually between -20 and -40). You're able to make your journey easier by purchasing the Trial Chamber Map from a cartographer villager - this will show you the way to a nearby chamber!

This image showcases the breeze mob which can be found in Trial Chambers.Step 3: Challenge The Breeze

Approach a trial spawner and your fight will begin. Luckily, the breeze has a 100% chance to drop either 1 or 2 breeze rods.

You only need 1x Breeze Rod to be able to craft the Mace Weapon. Easy, right?

Step 4: Take the Finals

We're almost there! As the last item you need to get 1x Heavy Core. This comes from ominous vaults - which you need an ominous trial key for.

Begin this by drinking the Ominous Bottle - make sure you drink this while in or around a trial chamber! This will grant you with the bad omen effect!

Once you have the bad omen effect, the trial spawners should turn into ominous trial spawners. After finishing the fight, these spawners have a chance to drop the Ominous Trial Key (30% drop chance).

Step 5: Be Lucky

For this you pretty much NEED to be lucky since after you obtain the Ominous Trial Key, you need to find the Ominous Vault - this vault has a chance to drop the Heavy Core that we need to craft the Mace Weapon.

Unfortunately, these vaults only have a 7.5% chance to drop the Heavy Core! Just keep on fighting and opening the Ominous Vaults until you get one!

How to craft the Mace Weapon?

After you've successfully obtained 1x Heavy Core and 1x Breeze Rod, you're able to craft the Mace Weapon using the following recipe:

This image showcases how to craft the Mace Weapon in the new Tricky Trials update.

The Mace is a very interesting and powerful weapon. Which can be made even stronger by enchanting it. I recommend watching 6:18 - 7:28 from this video to learn more about it:

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