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TOP 10 Seeds for Minecraft 1.21

In this blog post we're taking a look at some of the most beautiful and cool-looking seeds in the brand new Tricky Trials 1.21 version of Minecraft.

10. Broken Islands?

Image which showcases the Broken Coves seed

Seed: 11297487
Location: 83, 23

Ever wanted to create a village in the sky? Well, now you can! Build bridges to connect all of these broken islands together and I can only imagine how amazing the city will become! I wonder how you get down...

9. Largest Mushroom Island

Image which showcases the Largest Mushroom Island seed

Seed: 4241307255164905481
Location: 517, 70, -224

I'm pretty sure this is one of the largest mushroom islands out there (if not the largest). Well, in here you're not going to run out of mushrooms any time soon. There's also those interesting looking cows there - do they drop normal meat as well I wonder...

8. Lush Caves

Image which showcases the Lush Caves seed

Seed: -1898624505743265221
Location: 2890, 47, 2200

Miner Paradise. With this seed you're able to live in the mines - even the greenery is there! With a lot of "natural" light from the vines, grass to plant your other farmables, and of course, the ores for your equipment.

7. Island with everything!

Image which showcases the Island w/ Everything seed

Seed: -3420545464665791887
Location: 120, 56

Want to distance yourself from all the biomes? This is the seed for you - there's nowhere else you need to go as everything can be found on this small little island.

6. Stunning Mountains

Image which showcases the Stunning Mountains seed

Seed: 5488656216511509290
Location: -170, -204

If mountains are something you're into then you're going to love this seed. This allows you to experience the amazing mountain scenery like you're visiting Norway (but in Minecraft)!

5. Ancient Cities

Image which showcases the Ancient Cities seed

Seed: -3675652194237789176
Location: 168, 24

<seed description>

4. Peaceful Village

Image which showcases the Peaceful Village seed

Seed: -2078000429
Location: 80, 50

Even this screenshot of the village resembles how peaceful it would be living there. I would build a cave entrance for mining there, a place to park all my (and my friends') boats, and choose one of the villager's houses to live in.

3. Frozen Community

Image which showcases the Frozen Community seed

Seed: -463876707653922988
Location: -512, -144

There's one and two, two villages there (one in the far distance)! I would just get on with my friend and take care of these 2 villages. We'd still be a minute's horse-ride away from each other!

2. Underwater Atlantis

Image which showcases the Underwater Atlantis seed

Seed: 8549297683837371269
Location: 56, 24

Absolutely stunning scenery and I will call this one Atlantis. It's underwater, beautiful, and definitely something I'd like to visit every now-and-then. Can you build a tall tower to see this from this image's perspective (for me)?

1. Antarctica

Image which showcases the Antarctica seed

Seed: 7086852002534687777
Location: 216, 120

Ever wanted to visit Antarctica? Now you can (in Minecraft). I'm just speechless...

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